Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil

The 100% Biodegradable and Safe Replacement to Plastic Beads.

INCI: Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
SKU: 118-025-042
Pack Size: 25 kg Box
Particle Size (US Standard Mesh): ESP HVO 20-40 (20-40), ESP HVO 40-60 (40-60), ESP HVO 60-100 (60-100)


Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil beads are spherical and ground polyethylene microbeads are some of the most commonly used exfoliant beads used in the Personal Care industry. However, with recent discoveries of synthetic beads polluting bodies of water and being ingested by marine life, manufacturers have recognized the need to eliminate them all together. 

Earth Supplied Products’ Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil Beads are 100% biodegradable, making them the perfect solution as an alternative for plastic beads.

How it works​

Exfoliation is normally accomplished by using natural or synthetic based powders that have varying abrasive properties depending on the amount used, shape, hardness, and particle size. Soft to moderate beads are normally best for facial products, while mild to moderate particles should be used in body products. Generally, moderate to hard particles are only used in products for the hands or feet.

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