ESP EcoCel®

The all-natural, renewably sourced, and biodegradable alternative to petroleum-based microplastic fillers.

INCI: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, Algin, Cellulose
SKU: 126-050-026
Pack Size: 25 kg Drum
Particle Size: ESP EcoCel 10 (10 μm average), ESP EcoCel 20 (20 μm average)


Produced from all-natural, biodegradable, and renewable resources, ESP EcoCel is the direct replacement to traditional, synthetic, microplastics (such as Nylon 12) used in many pressed powder color cosmetics on the market today. ESP EcoCel is uniquely positioned to be the leading material of choice as the personal care industry evolves and moves toward using cleaner ingredients, due in part to regulatory trends and increased consumer demand for sustainable beauty products.
ESP EcoCel is incredibly easy to incorporate into current product lines, requiring little to no change in existing production frameworks. ESP EcoCel is 100% “Safe to Use”, which means that formulators, consumers, and legislators do not need to fear about microplastic particles ever appearing in the food chain or environment. ESP EcoCel is an eco-conscious material, made from ingredients that have a long history of outstanding effectiveness and global compliance.
ESP EcoCel is the material designed for the forward-thinking formulator.


✔ Drop-in replacement for Nylon 12. Simply use ESP EcoCel instead of Nylon 12 at the same ratio, saving costly reformulation time
✔ Little to no interference in color development compared to Nylon 12
✔ Up to 2x more oil / moisture absorption and at a more rapid pace than Nylon 12
✔ Matches compressibility of Nylon 12
✔ Increases formulation stability
✔ Improves color pigment distribution on the skin
✔ Reduces shine and provides a matte skin finish
✔ Provides silky textures to formulations and a velvety skin feel
✔ Timed-release properties helps ensure proper application


• brow wax sticks
• concealers
• loose and compact powders
• powder based foundations
• tinted foundation creams
• compacts and liquids
• lipsticks
• mascaras
• eye-liners
• eye shadows
• skin care creams
• sun care creams
• lotions
• nail polishes

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