ESP Kerabead® & ESP Vegabead®

A breakthrough in biodegradable microencapsulation.

INCI: Water / Aqua, Coco Glucoside, Algin, Chitosan, Gellan Gum, Benzyl Alcohol, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone
SKU: 126-050-026
Pack Size: 2 x 20kg Pail 



ESP Kerabead® and Vegabead® are incredibly small beads that repair damaged hair follicles and split ends. The beads are called “microbeads” and made with a combination of natural alginate (keratin included in ESP Kerabead®) polymers. The walls of the microbeads are permeable, which increases delivery and leaves no gritty or rigid feeling.

(Scanning Electron Microscope)

Vegabead® microbeads repairing a split end.

Let’s look closer…​

A single drop of ESP Kerabead® and Vegabead® contains more than a billion encapsulated microbeads. These microbeads adhere to the charge-rich amino acid surfaces of damaged hair. As the hair dries, the microbeads pack tightly and attach to each other within the damaged area. Tensile forces visibly close structural gaps and the microbeads release a protective layer on the hair. The microbead’s skin then forms a thin reparative protein patch and the cuticle is restored to a flexible integrity, leaving the hair feeling new.

Small, really small…​

ESP Kerabead® and Vegabead® microbeads have a one nanometer thin outer wall that encapsulates a ≥ 99.6% inner phase.
A single drop of ESP Kerabead® and Vegabead® contains more than 1 billion microbeads!

Microbeads are ionically attracted to damaged sites.


ESP Kerabead® and Vegabead® are designed to be attracted to the damaged areas of your hair. They actively target these sites to repair both micro and macro damaged hair!

Thousands of microbeads pack closely together to form a matrix structure that repairs damaged cuticles and split ends. This matrix quickly begins to contract, releasing the contents of the microbeads and repairing the hair strands in less than a minute.


Whether you have split ends, fly-aways, or frizzies, products formulated with ESP Kerabead® and Vegabead® will help repair the damage with this all natural, patented, targeting repair technology.

ESP Kerabead® and Vegabead® targeting works ideally in shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and sprays to help repair split ends, mitigate hair aging, and dramatically improve detangling.

Typical uses include:
2-4% in shampoos.
5-10% in conditioners, leave-in conditioning sprays, hair masks, & skin care.


Repel Sunburn​

“Chemical” sunscreens absorb UV rays but don’t scatter them. Physical sunscreens scatter UV rays but don’t absorb. ESP Vegabead® microbeads do both! They absorb and scatter the UV rays for enhanced protection.

Supercharged Absorbance​

ESP Vegabead® technology has demonstrated a 100% UV absorbance boost. This doubles its effectiveness in preventing sunburn over traditional sunscreen lotions.

Protect Actives​

ESP Vegabead® microbeads stabilize and protect beneficial actives — such as DHA & probiotics — from other ingredients that might degrade or destroy them.

Effective Probiotics​

Probiotics help protect skin and hair from environmental damage while promoting a healthy skin biome. However, they need to be alive and effective to do so. ESP Vegabead® Pro encapsulated kefir probiotics lie dormant in our patented microbead where they are protected from your preservatives and don’t ruin your micro results. Once released, they are alive and eager to perform!

Effective Antioxidants​

Antioxidants help improve skin health and remediate environmental damage. Our ESP Vegabead® GCA (Green Coffee Antioxidant) safely prevents the strongest antioxidant in the world — Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) Score >25,000 — from premature oxidation in your product bottle and maintains 100% efficacy once on the skin.

Other Skincare…​

  • ESP Vegabead® DHA improves dihydroxyacetone (DHA) color distribution, saturation, and stability.
  • ESP Vegabead® Glycerin provides long lasting, superior moisturization while improving the aesthetics and performance of your formula.
ESP Vegabead and Kerabead (3)
Runtime: 1:14
Watch a split end be repaired in real time with ESP Vegabead® microencapsulates.
ESP Vegabead and Kerabead (2)
Runtime: 1:04:16
Watch our in depth webinar that demonstrates the technology behind ESP Kerabead® & ESP Vegabead®.
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